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Welcome to the leading national network of professionals and organizations. We are a catalyst to enhance professional development, understanding, promotion and management of diversity and inclusion as an essential part of organizational success.

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We are pleased to welcome Starbridge Inc. to the Workforce Diversity Network!
Starbridge provides a unique and valuable combination of services and advocacy for people with disabilities and their circles of support. [Read more...]

NEWS–Vice president for diversity and inclusion leaving RIT for new role in the University of Missouri System

NEWS–RIT recognized nationally as ‘Diversity Champion’ by ‘INSIGHT Into Diversity’

NEWS–RIT President Bill Destler wins ‘INSIGHT into Diversity’ Giving Back Award


Women in Tech: What’s the Real Story?
According to a recent study, 30% has become a widely accepted number used to describe the number of women in the tech industry. However, companies such as Google, Facebook and Slack have around 30-39% employees who are women. Let’s explore the real story of women in tech.
[See infographic...]


DVD–Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts: Communicating Respectfully in a Diverse World – By Leslie Aguilar

[ Learn more and buy ]

DVD–Ouch! Your Silence Hurts – By Leslie Aguuilar

[ Learn more and buy ]
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Time to get started?
By Joe Gerstandt
I am hopeful. I feel like there is a new momentum gathering behind this work. Maybe it is time to get started? With the actual work of inclusion, that is. I know, I know... This may bring about a certain amount of psychological pain for some, exhausted by the mere mention of this work.
[Read more...]

Content of Diversity and Inclusion Training
By Stan Kimmer
In an earlier submission for the Workforce Diversity Network Expert Panel, I wrote about the audiences and components of Diversity and Inclusion Training. In terms of components, training should: appeal to the mind in terms of business rationale; appeal to the heart or emotions in terms of a sense of "right-doing"; include an element of taking action. [Read more...]

Associate Retention Today - The Truth
By Mauricio Velasquez
As a Diversity Consultant and Trainer to law firms I am often asked by our clients "help us stop the bleeding." Firms invest so much in sourcing, recruiting and developing their talented associates and to see them leave prematurely can be disastrous. One of my clients had lost nearly a dozen partners and associates (too many were women, minorities, not all) in a particular practice area in a several week span and they called DTG for help.
[Read more...]


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